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Canon law

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{{stubOrthodoxchristianity}}'''Canon law''' is the tradition of canonical legislation, which governs Orthodox Church life. It touches on every area of Church life, including [[Ecclesiology]], [[Liturgy]], and [[Ethics]]. Although generally referred to as canon law, it is more correctly referred to in the Orthodox community as the ''tradition of the holy canons''. This law, the canonical tradition, involves persons who are invested with authority (such as bishops) enabled with the means of creating, formulating, interpreting, executing, validating, amending and revoking these ''laws'' through synodical or conciliar action.
==PeopleSee also ==#[[Didache|'''The Didache''']], or Teaching of the Twelve Apostles.#The '''[[Ecumenical Councils]]'''#'''[[The Rudder]]''', the 85 Canons of the Holy and Altogether August Apostles, plus the Canons of the First through Fourth Ecumenical Councils constitute what is known as ''The Rudder''. *[[Nomocanon]] ;People* [[John Zonaras]] (11th c.)* [[Theodore IV of Antioch|Theodore Balsamon]] (12th c.)* [[Matthew Blastares]] (14th c.)* [[Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain]](18th c.)* [[Nikodim (Milas) of Dalmatia]] (19th c.) <!---How do these people relate to the Canon law?
* [[Lewis Patsavos]]
* [[Peter (L'Huillier) of New York|Peter L'Huillier]]* [[Stanley S. Harakas]]* [[John H. Erickson]]--->
==Articles and Books on Orthodox Canon Law==
* N. Athanasiev. "The Canons of the Church: Changeable or Unchangeable?" ''St. Vladimir's Theological Quarterly'', 11(1967), pp. 54-68.* John H. Erickson, ''The Challenge of Our Past: Studies in Orthodox Canon Law and Church History''.Crestwood, NY: St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 1991. ISBN 978-0881410860.*Archbishop Peter L'Huillier, ''The Church of the Ancient Councils: The Disciplinary Work of the First Four Ecumenical Councils''. Crestwood, NY: St Vladimir's Seminary Press, 2000. ISBN 978-0881410075.* Lewis J. Patsavos. ''The Canon Law of the Orthodox Catholic Church '' (Mimeographed Notes). Brookline, MassMA.: Holy Cross Bookstore, 1975.*Lewis J. Patsavos, ''Spiritual Dimensions of the Holy Canons''. Brookline, MA: Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 2007. ISBN 978-1885652683.* Henry R. Percival, Ed. ''The Seven Ecumenical Councils. "Nicene of the Undivided Church: Their Canons and Post-Nicene FathersDogmatic Decrees," Second Series, Vol. 14Together with the Canons of All the Local Synods Which Have Received Ecumenical Acceptance''. Grand Rapids, MichiganMI: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1956. * EricksonPanteleimon Rodopoulos and George Dion Dragas, John HEd., The Challenge ''An Overview of Our Past: Studies in Orthodox Canon Law and Church History (Crestwood''. Orthodox Research Institute, 2007. ISBN 978-1933275154.*Patrick Viscuso, NY''Orthodox Canon Law: StA Casebook for Study''. Vladimir's Seminary InterOrthodox Press 1991), 2007. ISBN 978-1932401103.
*[ The Stand of the Orthodox Church on Controversial Issues] by Stanley Harakas
*B. Archondonis. "A Common Code for the Orthodox Churches," Kanon I (1973), pp. 45-53.
* [ The Theology of Oikonomia and Its Implications for Sacramental and Ecumenical Perspectives] by Sabu John
* [ The Canonical Tradition of the Orthodox Church] by Lewis Patsavos
* [ The Russian Canonical Territory] - some comments from an Orthodox historico-canonical perspectiv ==Online Source Texts==perspective*[ The RudderStudies in Roman and Byzantine Law]*[ Canons and Definitions an index of the Ecumenical Councils]*[ Canons of the Orthodox Church] ==Related Articles on OrthodoxWiki==*[[The Rudder]]articles in this journal is available online
==Parallels in other religious groups==
* Byzantine Catholic canon law - [ Code of Canons for the Oriental Churches]
* Roman Catholic - [ Catholic Encyclopedia article on Canon Law] (outdated, but informative)
* In Judaism, see [[w:Halakha]]
* In Islam, see [[w:Sharia]], [[w:Fatwa]], and [[w:Fiqh]]
* In Judaism, see [[w:Halakha]]
== External links ==
'''Source Texts'''
* [ Byzantine Legal Documents] - An index by Paul Halsall
* [ Post-Byzantine Law on the Web] - This site is devoted to the promotion of the study of law in Venetian and Ottoman Greece to the 19th century
*[ The Rudder]
*[ Complete scan of the Pedalion in Greek] (1886 edition published in Athens. This is the book The Rudder translates. Link to pdf file at that site.)
*[ Canons and Definitions of the Ecumenical Councils]
*[ Canons of the Orthodox Church]
*[ Canons of the Orthodox Church in Greek] (Link to pdf scans of all 6 volumes of the definitive 19th century collection of Rhalle and Potle)
*[ Canons of the Orthodox Church in Slavonic with Greek parallel] (Link to pdf scan of Beneshevich's 1906 Drevne-Slavonskaia Kormchaia [Old Slavonic Kormchaia{Kniga}, 14 Chapters without commentary])
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