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Simeon Michiro Mii

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The '''Protopresbyter Simeon Michiro Mii''' was an early convert and disciple of St. [[Nicholas of Japan]]. He became an Orthodox Christian as a fifteen year old teenager. He was an early graduate of the Tokyo Orthodox schools and [[Tokyo Orthodox Seminary (Tokyo, Japan)|Theological Seminary ]] and was the first Japanese to pursue advanced studies in Russia, at the Kiev Theological Academy. In view of his intellect and knowledge of languages, Fr. Simeon became key assistant to Abp. Nicholas and later to Metr. [[Sergius (Tikhomirov) of Japan|Sergius]]. He attended the 1917 Moscow Sobor as the representative from the Japanese [[Diocese]] and was instrumental in the re-building of Nicolai-do and the Tokyo church headquarters after the destruction of the Great Kanto earthquake of 1923.

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