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I am a convert to Orthodoxy having been brought up Lutheran (though I mostly attended Anglican services due to a lack of Lutheran churches in Britain). I first came into contact with the Orthodox Church in Romania whilst working for a charity at the Neuropsychiatric Children's Hospital in Siret, Bucovina. My investigation of and eventual conversion to Orthodoxy was triggered by the example of a wonderful monk at the monastery of St. John the New of Suceava. I, unfortunately, never got his name but I owe him a great debt.
I eventually married in the 15th century church of Sf. Nicolae in Balinesti, the village near Siret from which my wife comes, but we've now settled down in Britain. When I was Chrismated in the Orthodox Church I took St. James the Persian as my patron, partly because his life inspired me a great deal and partly because he is less commonly venerated than other Sts. James.
I hope I shall be able to contribute articles on the Church of Romania here, and particularly the Romanian saints who are relatively unknown in the west.
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