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Locum Tenems
By the way, it was enjoyable reading different parts of the article, including about refusing negotiations in the 1940's with Moscow after the convention had already voted for it, because of rumors of - a clergyman with a handheld atomic bomb :) :)
Seriously though, what are some different explanations of why the Metropolitan refused negotiations, after inviting Gregory? Just that he only wanted the negotiations as a pretext for leaving ROCOR? [[User:Rakovsky|Rakovsky]] 06:28, August 17, 2006 (CDT)
: I checked through the article for all mentions of the phrase ''locum tenens'', and none were based on a POV other than that which is verifiable, documentable public record. Even the referenced ROCOR letter referred to Metr. Pimen as the ''locum tenens'' of the patriarchal throne, when it was probably the case that some in ROCOR might not have regarded him in some sense as a bishop at all (as many regarded the MP synod itself as wholly illegitimate).
: Anyway, I'm the one who mostly researched and wrote this article, and I couldn't find any specifically documentable reasons for why Theophilus chose not to negotiate with Gregory. One may of course speculate. &mdash;[[User:ASDamick|<font size="3.5" color="green" face="Adobe Garamond Pro, Garamond, Georgia, Times New Roman">Dcn. Andrew</font>]] <sup>[[User_talk:ASDamick|<font color="red">talk</font>]]</sup> <small>[[Special:Contributions/ASDamick|<font color="black">contribs</font>]]</small> 06:38, August 17, 2006 (CDT)
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