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: I talked to a ROCOR priest yesterday and he said the clergy/laity had decided that the union was a go. He said that next week the synod of ROCOR bishops would make the final decision. [[User:Joe Rodgers|Joe]] 2006-05-13
Because OCA is an autocephalous body, restoration of normal canonical relations does not necessarily follow from this resolution of the fouth all-diapora council being ratified by the synod of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. The ROCOR will enter into Communion with Moscow much in the same way that the self-governing Ukrainian Orthodox Church is today. The ROCOR is also in Communion with the Patriarchate of Serbia, which is in Communion with all of universal Orthodoxy. Therefore it does not follow, ipso facto, that Communion with any other Church body will be restored vicariously through this unification. If such were the case, schims could result within the Church Abroad. -Reader of the Church Abroad, Diocese of San Francisco and Western America.<small>—The preceding unsigned comment was added by [[User:Psaltes|Psaltes]] ([[User talk:Psaltes|talk]] • [[Special:Contributions/Psaltes|contribs]]) {{{2|}}}.</small>
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