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[[Image:Epitrachelion.jpg|right|thumb|75px|An epitrachelion]]The '''epitrachelion''' (from the Greek, "around the neck") is the stole worn by [[priest]]s and [[bishops]] as the symbol of their priesthood. This liturgical vestment is worn around the neck with the two adjacent sides sewn or buttoned together, leaving enough space through which to place the head. It is usually made of brocade with seven embroidered or appliquéd crosses, one at the back of the neck and three down each side.
The priest wears the epitrachelion whenever he is serving as a priest. For some services, e.g., [[Vespers]] or [[Orthros]], he wears the epitrachelion by itself. When he is fully vested for the [[Divine Liturgy]], he wears the epitrachelion over the [[sticharion]] and under the [[zone]] and the [[phelonion]].
If a priest is simply attending a service, he wears no liturgical vestments, but will put on his epitrachelion (and often in Slavic traditions, his [[epimanikia]]) before receiving the [[Eucharist]].
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