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Mary Magdalene

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[[Frederica Mathewes-Green]]<sup>[[#Notes|2]]</sup> writes: "She is not [[Mary of Bethany]] (a city south of Jerusalem), the sister of [[Martha]] and [[Lazarus]], who anointed Jesus' head. She is not the prostitute who anointed Jesus' feet and wiped them with her hair. These two understandably get confused, and historically in the West all three women are lumped together under Mary Magdalene's name, a confusion continued in the ''Last Temptation of Christ'', ''The DaVinci Code'', and other works."
Karen Rae Keck (cf. [[#External Linkslinks|External Linkslinks]]) writes: "St. [[Gregory the Dialogist]] (Pope Gregory the Great) is believed to have begun the tradition in the Western Church, not accepted in the Eastern Church, which identified St. Mary with the 'sinful woman' in the seventh chapter of Luke."
== Scriptural appearances == <sup>[[#Notes|3]]</sup>

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