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Daniel the Hermit

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Saint '''Daniel the Hermit''' of Voroneţ, '''''Sf. Daniil Sihastru de la Voroneţ''''' in Romanian, was a 15th century monk and the spiritual father of [[Stephen the Great]], the Voievod of Moldova. Under his guidance, Stephen the Great defended Moldova from Ottoman invasion and dedicated himself and his rule to God.
Daniel lived alone for 14 years in a cell carved from a boulder in a forested valley close to [[Putna Monastery]], which is now used as a chapel according to the rules of Mount Athos. His relics are housed at [[Voroneţ Monastery]] and he was officially glorified by the Synod of the [[Church of Romania]] in 1992. He fell asleep in 1496 and his feast day is 18th [[December18]]{{stub}}
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