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St. Paul's Theological Course of Studies

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{{orthodoxyinaustralasiaorthodoxyinaustralasiasmall}}The '''St Paul's Theological Course of Studies''' is the an initial program for the development of a diocesan an archdiocesan theological school by Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand. The studies encompass classes in various aspects of Orthodox Christian theology. The school is currently conducting classes in Punchbowl, New South Wales, Australia. An expansion of the curriculum is planned toward accreditation of the course of studies.
==Curriculum==The curriculum for the course of studies is still under development. Six semesters of study have been taught by the end of 2005. Topics covered during the initial semesters included: Church History, Introduction to [[Liturgics]], the [[Holy Scripture|Old and New Testaments]] including Background to the [[Gospels]] and [[Epistles]], [[Ethics]], and Comparative Religions. The topics planned for the 2006 semester are: * Biblical perspective on the marginalized* The [[Apostolic Fathers]]
Additional information and applications At the end of 2005, the curriculum for enrollment are available on the St. course of studies was still under development, although six semesters of study had been taught by this stage, with topics covering Church History, [[Apostle PaulLiturgics]], the [[Holy Scripture|PaulOld and New Testaments]], [[Dogmatic Theology]] Theological Course of Studies website, [[Patristics]], [[Ethics]] and Comparative Religions.
In the first half of 2008, students study ''Introduction to the New Testament'' and ''Interpretation of the New Testament'', lectured by Metr. Abp [[Paul (Saliba) of Australia and New Zealand|Paul]] and Rev Dr John El-Karaan, respectively. Additional information and applications for enrollment are available on the archdiocesan website. ==External links==*[ St. Paul Course Site] *[,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/ Australian Antiochian Archdiocese Siteaspx Archdiocesan website]

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