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Ligonier Meeting

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Bishops' comments
Metropolitan Joseph, [[Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese of the USA, Canada and Australia]]:
:What we—the canonical Orthodox bishops—had done 10 years ago was good. But there are no results so far. It is only a good desire. That means—such is God’s will. Without Him we can do nothing.
Archbishop [[Peter (L'Huillier) of New York]], [[OCA]]:
:The Ligonier meeting of the Orthodox bishops in North America was a milestone in the history of Orthodoxy in America. The vision of Orthodoxy that was seen at that meeting is still relevant today, but has yet to be realized. Orthodox jurisdictional unity in North America must be our continued vision; any deviation from this is a contradiction to the order and canons of the Orthodox Church. Let us fervently pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us in making this vision a reality.
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