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OW discussions need consolidation: Special:Categories doesn't have a taxonomy
:I think this is a great idea, especially for the more general (non-article specific) discussions. Many of the regulars, I expect, keep up with all the various discussions via RSS or the Recent Changes page, but a more centralized system would be helpful. I'm not yet convinced about the need for a detailed category tree, although I'm definitely open to the idea. We already have [[Special:Categories]], for example, and the [[Main Page]] functions as a kind of root-level for a category tree. I'd love to hear from some of the other sysops on this (and anyone else who wants to chime in). Finally, thanks for your kind words about OrthodoxWiki! [[User:FrJohn|Fr. John]]
:P.S. Hope you don't mind that I quoted your comment [[OrthodoxWiki:Buzz#It's_exciting|here]].
::Hehe, I saw that quote. If I had the foresight, I would have come up with something more intellectual to say; too late now ;-) I've never been a fan of Special:Categories since there is no taxonomy associated with it (other than being in alphabetical order, of course). --[[User:RockOfVictory|J. J.]] 12:31, August 11, 2006 (CDT)

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