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Daniel the Hermit

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== Life ==
Daniel was born into a poor family in a village close to Rădăuţi in the early years of 15th century. He was baptised with the name Dumitru but took the name David when he entered the cathedral monastery at Rădăuţi. Here he learnt to follow the monastic life, but eventually, wishing to lead a truly holy life away from the temptations of the world, he retired to the St. Laurence Skete in the community of Vicovul de Sus. Here he entered the [[Great Schema]] with the name Daniel (''Daniil'').
Later he went to live alone in a small cell carved from a rock in the Putna valley. Eventually, he became the spiritual father of Prince [[Stephen the Great]] of Moldova whom he advised for many years and who built, at Daniel's urging, [[Putna Monastery]] close to the site of his cell. After the death of Metropolitan [[Teoctist of Moldova]] in 1478, he left Putna and made himself a new cell, carving it from a cliff close to the river Voroneţ. He lived here in great poverty and unceasing prayer, earning wide reknown as a monk of great spiritual wisdom, and continued to encourage the Prince in his defense of Moldova against Turkish aggression. In 1488 [[Stephen the Great]] had another monastery, [[Voronet Monastery|Voroneţ]], built close to Daniel's new cell. On his death, Daniel was buried in this monastery.
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