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[[Image:Pantokrator_of_SinaiAnthony the Great.jpg|100px|Our Lord Jesus ChristSt. Anthony the Great]]</div>[[Venerable]] and God-bearing father [[Anthony the Great]], father of [[monasticism]]; Martyr Jonilla and her infant son Turbo (ca. 161-180) - (''see also: [[January 16]]'');Saint [[Theodosius the Great (emperor)|Theodosius the Great]], Emperor of Rome (395); Venerable Achilles the [[Confessor]], [[hermit]] of Egypt (5th c.);Venerable Anthony the New Wonderworker, of [[w:Metropolis of Veria and Naousa|Veria]] in Greece, near the Berropas Skete[[w:Haliacmon|AnthonyHaliacmon]] river (11th c.);Saints Genulfus and Genitus, two monks who lived in Celle-sur-Naton in France (ca.3rd c.);Venerable Antony, Merulus and John, three monks at St Andrew's on the Coelian Hill in Rome (6th c.);Saint Nennius (''Ninnidh''), disciple of St Finian of Clonard, reckoned as one of the '[[w:Twelve Apostles of Ireland|Twelve Apostles of Ireland]]' (6th c.);Saint Sulpicius II Pius (''Severus the Pious''), Bishop of Bourges (647);Saint Mildgyth, [[Abbess]] of Minster (ca.676);Saint Richimirus, founder of the New monastery later called Saint-Rigomer-des-Bois (715);Saint Joseph of Freising, Bishop of Freising (764);Saint Anthony the Roman of Novgorod, [[Berropas SketeAbbot]](1147); Saint Anthony, Abbot of Dymsk in Novgorod (1224);Saint Anthony of Chernoezersk (''Anthony of Black Lake''), monk (ca.14th c.);Saint Anthony of Krasny Kholm, [[George monk]] (1481);Venerable Anthony of Meteora (''Anthony Kantakouzènos''), founder and Abbot of the Monastery of Ioannina|GeorgeSt. Stephen at [[Meteora]] (15th c.);Venerable Philotheos of Meteora, second founder of the New Monastery of St. Stephen at [[Meteora]] (16th c.);Saint Macarius (Kalogeras), Hierodeacon, of Patmos (1737);[[New Martyr]] George of Ioannina(1838); New Hieromartyr Victor, Priest (1931);New Hieromartyr Paul, Priest (1938);'''Other Commemorations:'''Repose of St. Anthony, Bishop of Vologda (1588) - (''feast day October 26'');Repose of Schema-abbot Herman of Zosima Hermitage (1923);Repose of Archimandrite Tikhon (Bogoslovtsev) of Inkerman (1950);Repose of Bishop Sava (Sarachevich) of Edmonton (1973). <noinclude>[[Theodosius the EmperorCategory:Calendar day templates|January 17]]</noinclude>

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