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A '''klobuk''' is an item of non-liturgical [[clergy|clerical]] clothing worn by Orthodox Christian [[monk|monastics]]s and [[bishop]]s, especially in the Russian tradition. It is composed of a [[kamilavka]] covered with an epanokamelavkion (veil) permanently attached.
Slavic In the Greek and Arabic Churches, all [[bishop]]s regardless of rank wear an identical plain black klobuk. Generally speaking, [[metropolitan]]s in the Slavic Churches wear a klobuk that is white rather than klobuks, while [[bishop]]s and [[archbishop]]s wear blackones. [[Archbishop]]s who have been awarded this honor and metropolitans usually [[metropolitan]]s also wear a small jewelled cross on the front of their klobuk as a mark . This is not the case, however, in the Churches of [[Church of Serbia|Serbia]] and [[Church of Bulgaria|Bulgaria]], where [[metropolitan]]s use black klobuks, and the white klobuk with the jewelled cross is reserved for the first hierarch of the Local Church (but in the [[Church of Bulgaria|Bulgarian Church]], [[metropolitan]]s may also be awarded jewelled crosses for their rankklobuks). The practice of [[Church of Bulgaria|Bulgarian Church]] coincides with that of the [[Church of Romania]].
The [[patriarchPatriarch]]s of some Orthodox Churches (for example, the Patriarch [[Church of Russia|Moscow) wear ]] and all Rus' wears a white klobuk that is rounded on top, decorated with embroidered images of [[seraphim]], and surmounted with a cross. This is sometimes called a cowlin English, although this is inexact. Also, the [[Archbishop]] of Karelia and [[Church of Finland|Finland]] wears a white klobuk as head of an [[autonomous]] Church.

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