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Zographou Monastery (Athos)

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{{Athonitemonastery|name=Holy Monastery of Zographou|rank=Ninth|type=Cenobitic Monastery|founded=900s by Frs Moses, Aaron and John|superior=''unknown''|size=''unknown''|location=''unknown''|language=Bulgarian|music=[[Byzantine chant]]|feasts=St [[Athanasius the Athonite]]|}}The '''Holy Monastery of Zographou''' is located on the southwestern side of the Athos Peninsula in northern Greece. The [[monastery]] is dedicated to St. [[George the Trophy-bearer|George]]. According to tradition, the monastery was founded during the tenth century by three Bulgarian brothers, the [[monk]]s Moses, Aaron, and John from Ohrid. While the monastery initially was inhabited by Bulgarian, Greek, and Serbian monks, since 1845 the monks are only Bulgarians. Zographou is ranked ninth in the hierarchical order of the twenty monasteries located on the [[Mount Athos]] peninsula.
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