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Augustine of Hippo

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The addition of Augustine to the [[Menologion]] is uncertain. Some regard him as [[Glorification|glorified]] by popular recognition in the distant past, yet he was not added to the [[Horologion]] in Greece until 1983 (and then only in the index, but with no mention of his name on the page for June 15). He appears to have been added to the calendar in Russia during the "Western Captivity" when the influence of Latin scholasticism was at a high point. His [[feast day]] in the Orthodox Church is [[June 15]]. In the West, he is remembered on August 28. which was the day of his death in A.D. 430.
==Reception of Augustine always accepted by in the Orthodox Church==
[[Image:Augustine-Rose.jpg|right|thumb|250px|Book by Fr. [[Seraphim Rose]]]]
The [[Fifth Ecumenical Council]], held in Constantinople in A.D. 553, listed Augustine among other [[Church Fathers|Fathers of the Church]], though there is no unqualified endorsement of his [[theology]] mentioned (just as there is none for most saints of the Church):
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