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Macedonian Orthodox Diocese of Australia and New Zealand

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{{diocese|name=Macedonian Orthodox Diocese of Australia and New Zealand|jurisdiction=Introduction[[Macedonian Orthodox Church]]|type=Diocese|founded=''unknown''|bishop=Metr. Petar, administrator|see=''not applicable''|hq=Bitola, Macedonia|territory=Australia, New Zealand|language=Slavonic|music=[[Byzantine Chant]]|calendar=[[Julian Calendar|Julian]]|population=''unknown''|website=''[ Eparchy of Australia and New Zealand]''}}The '''Macedonian Orthodox Diocese of Australia and New Zealand''' is a [[diocese]] of the [[Macedonian Orthodox Church]]. It is currently administered by Metropolitan Petar of Prespa and Pelagonia, who resides in Bitola, Macedonia, and is in Australia for approximately one month each year.
The [[==History==Originally, the Macedonian Orthodox Church]] began community churches, and so began to pray to God in a foreign land. A diocese was originally represented later established for Australia and New Zealand, but - as is common - the bishops had difficulty in Australia by convincing the trustees of the community churches onlyproperties to hand over these properties to the care of the bishop.
Later a diocese was established for Australia but A result of the difficulties in handing over property is found in the bishops had difficulty convincing extensive legal proceedings undertaken by the trustees of present administrator, Metropolitan Petar, in an effort to force the community properties to hand be given over these various properties to the diocesan bishopdiocese. There are many community parishes who have not accepted this, forcing Metropolitan Petar to spend most of his time in Australia - usually approximately one month each year - involved in these court cases.
The diocese is currently administered (2006) by Metropolitan Petar who is ruling bishop Worshiping Macedonians in New Zealand all attend churches of the diocese of Prespa and Pelagonia, seated at Bitola in Macedonia (FYROM)other jurisdictions.
Metropolitan Petar usually visits ==See also==*[[List of Macedonian Orthodox parishes in Australia for about one month a year]] - also contains Macedonian Orthodox monasteries and centres.
Most ==External link==*[ Macedonian Orthodox Eparchy of his time in Australia is taken up with savage expensive long running court proceedings he initiated over "Church" property.and New Zealand] (Official Website)
There are many community parishes which have not accepted "the imposition of an absentee landlord", as they describe it when being polite. [[Category:Dioceses]] Following the usual Eastern Orthodox pattern outside the mother countries, the Macedonian community [[Category:Orthodoxy in Australia has been very effectively split into two warring camps by the activities of the successive bishops administering the diocese of Australia.  Both diocesan and community entities are listed below.]]==Parishes, Monasteries, and Centres, [[Category:Orthodoxy in Australia== '''Australian Capital Teritory''' New Zealand]][[Category:Macedonian Orthodox Church “Saint Kliment of OhridDioceses]]

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