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Bishoy Kamel

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[[Image:FrBishoyKamel.jpg|right|thumb|Fr Bishoy Kamel ([[December 6|6 December]] 1931- [[March 21|21 March]] 1979)]] The [[Coptic]] Orthodox [[archpriest]] 'Abouna' '''Bishoy Kamel''' (1931-1979) was born Samy Kamel in Sirrs-Alliaan, Menoufia, Egypt, in 1931. He was raised in Damenhour, Egypt, where he received his early education. He attended the School of Sciences, Alexandria University, and graduated with B.Sc. degree in 1951. While working as a Science teacher in public schools, he continued his postgraduate at Alexandria University and received a degree in literature in 1954 and was appointed an instructor at the Education College, Alexandria University. He was ordained [[priest]] in December 1959.

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