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<div style="float:right;margin-left:1em">
[[Image:Mark of Ephesus.jpg|100px|Mark of Ephesus]]
</div>[[Arsenius of Corfu|Arsenius]], [[Archbishop]] of Corfu; [[Anthony Rawah the Qoraisite]]; [[Anthony of Georgia]]; [[Euphrasia of Nicomedia]]; [[Macarius the Great (of Egypt)]]; [[Macarius of Alexandria (the Citizen)]]; [[Macarius of the Lavra of the Kiev Caves]]; [[Macarius, deacon at the Lavra of the Kiev Caves]]; [[Macarius the Roman]] (see also [[August 15]]); [[Mark of Ephesus]]; [[Meletius the Confessor]]; [[Theodore of Novgorod]], the [[Holy Fools|Fool-for-Christ]]. '''Other events:''' the [[miracle]] wrought by St. [[Basil the Great]] at [[Nicaea]], when he opened the gates of the church (cf. [[January 1]]); the translation of the [[relics]] of [[Gregory the Theologian]] to the [[Church of the Holy Apostles (Constantinople)|Church of the Holy Apostles]] in Constantinople during the reign of [[Constantine Porphyrogenitus]] (10th c.)
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