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Evagrius Ponticus

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==External links==
*[ Evagrius Ponticus: On Asceticism and Stillness in the Solitary Life]
*[http://studentswww.cuakalvesmaki.educom/16kalvesmakiEvagPont/EvagPont Evagrius Ponticus: Monastic Theologian]
*[ Evagrius Ponticus] from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library
*[ A Life of Evagrius of Pontus]
*[ Evagrian Scholarship Forum]: a web-based discussion group dedicated to the study of Evagrius*[ ''PIT''scan]: a spiritual diagnostic tool derived from the teachings of Evagrius *[ St. Evagrius Ponticus]: a collection of many Evagrian works in a Greek/English parallel format

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