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Jaroslav Pelikan

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:''What is the difference between [[Tradition]] and Traditionalism? Tradition is the living faith of the dead. Traditionalism is the dead faith of the living.'' from his book entitled ''Tradition''
:''For those who believe that you don't need tradition because you have the [[Bible]], the Christian Tradition has sought to say, "You are not entitled to the beliefs you cherish about such things as the [[Holy Trinity]] without a sense of what you owe to those who worked this out for you." To circumvent Saint [[Athanasius the Great|Athanasius]] on the assumption that if you put me alone in a room with the [[New Testament]], I will come up with the doctrine of the Trinity, is naive. So for these readers I have tried to provide a degree of historical sophistication, which is, I believe, compatible with an affirmation of the central doctrines of Christian faith.''

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