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The Who's Who
== The Who's Who ==
Just a layman, My name is Paul Barrera. I am a young man interested in Orthodoxy insofar as it encounters a culture as a whole. To that end, my main points of interest are the variety of cultural manifestations one of Eastern & Oriental Orthodoxy, as well as some very mild interest in how American converts have adjusted their lives to fall in line with the culture Faithful of their parish or the Orthodox Church at large.
== The Convert Thing ==I converted from non-denominational evangelical protestantism last year, and was received into the One Church Pascha 2005. My conversion was short, my readings were longborn in Redmond, Washington and I emerged as a big fan raised in Bellevue of Alexander Schmemman. Orthodoxy has changed my life, although not in that turn-the-world-upside-down sort of way. I can just say that I am still working through my childhood/teenage spirituality slowlysame state.
I attended Seattle University, where I earned my BA in History. I wrote two research papers: one on the disunity of the Iberian crowns and the Spanish Church in the eleventh century, and the other on the religious factions in Mexico City during the era of independence.
Since my freshman year of college, I have lived (mostly) in Seattle.
On the Sunday of All Saints 2008, I was married at St Spiridon Orthodox Cathedral, my home parish.
I sing in the choir and teach Church school to the high school students.
I enjoy retreats and working at the Monastery of the All-Merciful Savior on nearby Vashon Island.
If you ever encounter me elsewhere on the internet, I go by Authio.
== Articles ==
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