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Bishop's Vestments
== Bishop's Vestments ==
Starting a community minister by Most Reverend Louis N. Bernhardt, OSA.<br>
<p>Reverend Louis N. Bernhardt, Director<br>
* NE Louisiana Minister Referral Services *<br>
2001 Roggerson Rd Suite K * Monroe, La. 71201 <br> Telephone 318-388-2325 or cell 318-512-0056<br></p>
<center>Starting a Community Minister<br>
For the past ten years as part of my ministry I have provided a ministry to those that do not have a priest or clergyman to serve them in their time of need. In the areas I serve; about a 200 mile raduis of my home I stay rather busy with many oportunities to serve our Lord and Christ Jesus. The majority of services I provide are for weddings and quinceaneras. These celebrations alone run well over 100 celebrations a year for me. Plus I do quite a few funerals, again for those that have no priest or minister. I am also a charter member of the Amerian Assoiciation of Christian ounselors & a L.P.C. I also offer premarital, marriage, and substance abuse conseling. My current ministry is NE Louisiana Ministries, LLC. Our goal is to open a shelter for the abused within the next fiscal year and to apply for federal & state funding under the new guidelines offered by the Bush administration.
Firstly you need a name for your ministry. Go to your local courthouse and register the name or form a corporation. One has to register the name in order to obtain a banking account. I form not for profit corporations and this will require an attorney to file the papers. Then you should register the Corporation with the Internal Revenus Service to obtain a Not Profit Status as a religious ministry. My ministry has income over $25K a year and in order to gain Social Security credits and retirement benefits one must pay a portion of the income to the priest or other minister that performs the service. A shole fee is a justifiable fee in the cases I officiate in most denominations. The Ministry should have a telephone listed as such. I have the ministry listed in three catagories in the Yellow Page Directory. (a.) Clergy (b.) Churches-Catholic-Independent (c.) Wedding Services. The cost for the telephone & listings (no ads) is $95.00 per month but this also includes my Internet DsL connection. Next you need to build a website for the ministry. I average over 100 telephone inquiries and email inquiries a month as a direct result from my web site. Once you have a site you wish to promote, contact me & I will help you with the submission and promotion to get great search engine presence. Next you need to decide a fee schedule for the services you do for those requiring them. I have basic fees as follows:
1. Weddings & renewal of Marriage Vows $225.00<br>
2. Wedding Rehearsal (add to above) $100.00<br>
3. Quinceanera celebration $225.00<br>
4. Funeral or Graveside Memorial Service $150.00. I have visited over 100 funeral homes personally & lefy a card with my information. This will result in many funerals. Also register as a chaplian with the local VA & VA Hospital. I register with all hospitals both Catholic & Protestent.<br>
5. Baptism Service or Christening $150.00<br>
6. Christian Counseling $45.00 per hour<br>
7. Church Weddings $850.00 This includes priest, musician, and use of building that seats over 100. A beautiful church over 100 years old. Many churches will rent a chapel for weddings for a nominal fee, others are outrageous.
8. Register at nursing homes, and hospital as a chaplain for many calls to serve. I have no charge for visiting those who need a minister, priest, or just in need of a visit.
9. I make jail visits for those that request them as well. This also opens many doors in the community, as i have been called by local PD's to cousel officers in emergency situations.
I have used these rates for the past 3 years. I am one of the priests with modest fees. Some of the churches in this area charge as much as $1500 for a wedding and the priest. The Roman Church will not provide a wedding if the couple is not in good standing for one year, tithe, and complete classes for 6 months or longer. The Anglican Church offers open communion for all Baptised Christians, and I understand other churches may not do this.
I heard talked with many priests and minister over the years, and many talked about a lack of financial support for their minitries.
I generate enough to continue and have for the last several years.
May God bless & keep thee. Now and forever. AMEN.
Most Reverend Louis N. Bernhardt, OSA
The Anglican Rite Old Catholic Church, Inc.
2001 Roggerson Rd Suite K
Monroe, Louisiana 71201 USA
Telephone 318-388-2325
Fax 318-397-7799
Call 318-512-0056
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