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<!--nb. portrait images at ~100px, landscape images at ~200px-->[[Image:John_of_Damascus.jpg|100px|left]]Our venerable and God-bearing Father '''John of DamascusThe ''' (c. 676 - [[December 5Episcopal Assembly of North and Central America]], 749) was also known as ''John Damascene, Chrysorrhoas,'' "streaming with gold," (i.e., the golden speaker). He was born and raised founded in Damascus2010, in consists of all probability at the [[Monastery active Orthodox bishops of Saint Sabbas]] (''Mar Saba'')North and Central America, South East of Jerusalemrepresenting multiple jurisdictionsOn It is the death of his fathersuccessor to SCOBA, John was made chief councillor of Damascusand it is not, which was around the same time that iconoclasm began to appear. John wrote against the Emporer's edict against iconsproperly speaking, with three ''Apologetic Treatises against those Decrying the Holy Images'', works that made his reputationa synod. After a forged letter was sent by Leo the Isaurian, John's hand was cut off, but was restored after fervent prayer before an icon of the Virgin Mary. The caliph, convinced of his innocence, wished to reinstate him, but John then retired to the [[Monastery of Saint Sabbas]] near Jerusalem, where he produced a stream of commentaries, hymns and apologetic writings, including the [[Oktoechos]] (the Church's service book Episcopal Assembly of eight tones) North and ''An Exact Exposition Central America is one of several such bodies around the Orthodox Faith'', a summary of the dogmatic writings of the Early Church Fathers. He died world which operate in 749 as a revered Father of the Church, with his feast celebrated on [[December 4]]so-called "diaspora."
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