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Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia

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Ecclesiastical Status
ROCOR's status with regard to [[full communion]] is not entirely clear-cut. There was never a formal declaration of a break in communion made between ROCOR and other Orthodox churches, though in many dioceses [[concelebration]] has been suspended. There has never been a declaration from the ROCOR Synod that grace does not exist in the [[New Calendar]] jurisdictions, in spite of statements to the contrary by the followers of Holy Transfiguation Monastery in Boston when they were still with the Synod.
ROCOR also maintains communion with the [[Holy Synod in Resistance]], (True Orthodox Church of Greece, so-called "cyprianites"), the [[True (Old Calendar) Orthodox Church of Romania]] (Synod of Metropolitan Vlasie), and the [[True (Old-Calendar) Orthodox Church of Bulgaria]] (Bishop Photii).
==The Episcopacy==
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