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Journeys to Orthodoxy

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*[ Journey] a list of links from Phil Thompson of other journeys to Orthodoxy
== Books Published works == '''Conversion stories''' *Billerbeck, Franklin, ed. ''Anglican-Orthodox Pilgrimage'' by Franklin Billerbeck (ISBN 0962271357)*Craton, Oswin. ''Becoming OrthodoxA Journey of Fear and Joy'' by Fr. [[Peter Gillquist]] (ISBN 09622713301418444162)*''- also [ Journey of Fear and Joyavailable online]'' by Oswin Craton (ISBN 1418444162)*Doulis, Thomas, ed. ''Journeys to Orthodoxy - : A Collection of Essays by Converts to Orthodox Christianity'' ed. by Thomas Doulis (ISBN 0937032425)*Doulis, Thomas, ed. ''Toward the an Authentic Church: Orthodox Christians Discuss Their Conversion'' ed. by Thomas Doulis (ISBN 1880971100)*Gallatin, Matthew. ''Thirsting for God: In in a Land of Shallow Wells'' by Matthew Gallatin . (ISBN 1888212284)* [[Peter Gillquist|Gillquist, Peter E.]] ''Becoming Orthodox: A Journey to the Ancient Christian Faith'' (ISBN 0962271330) '''Orthodox and other forms of Christianity''' * Bouyer, Louis. ''History of Christian Spirituality: Orthodox Spirituality and Protestant and Anglican Spirituality''. (ISBN 0816423741)* Kimbrough, S. T., ed. ''Orthodox and Wesleyan Spirituality''. (ISBN 088141235X)* Carlton, Clark. ''The Way: What Every Protestant Should Know About the Orthodox Church (Faith Catechism Series)''. (ISBN 0964914123)* Carlton, Clark. ''The Truth: What Every Roman Catholic Should Know About the Orthodox Church (Faith Catechism Series)''. (ISBN 0964914182)
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