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Apostolic Fathers

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*''The [[Shepherd of Hermas]]''
==Published works==
The following are published collections of the writings of the Apostolic Fathers, listed by the faith of the editor(s):
*[ Sparks, Fr. Jack N.] ''The Apostolic Fathers''. (ISBN 0840756615)
*[ Aquilina, Michael J.] ''The Fathers of the Church: An Introduction to the First Christian Teachers''. (ISBN 0879736895)
*Jefford, Clayton N.; Harder, Kenneth J.; Amezaga Jr., Louis D. ''Reading the Apostolic Fathers: An Introduction''. (ISBN 1565631544)
*[[Wikipedia:Joseph_Barber_Lightfoot|Lightfoot, J.B.]] ''The Apostolic Fathers''. (ISBN 0943575273)
*Lightfoot, J.B.; Harmer, J. R., ed. ''The Apostolic Fathers''. (ISBN 0766164985)
*Lightfoot, J.B. (translator); Harmer, J. R. (translator); Holmes, Michael W., ed. ''The Apostolic Fathers''. (ISBN 0801021995, ISBN 9780801021992)
*Richardson, Cyril C. ''Early Christian Fathers''. (ISBN 0684829517)
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