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Types of dioceses
* '''Eparchy''': a general term for an ecclesiastical province, though often used technically to refer to the territory over which the [[primate]], often referred to as an ''eparch'', has immediate jurisdictional authority (e.g., Moscow and its immediate environs are the eparchy of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia).
* '''Exarchate''': often a missionary diocese, though traditionally referring to a diocese in which there is only one bishop (or other cleric) with authority, who is often referred to as an ''exarch''.
* '''Metropolis''' (or '''metropolia''' or '''metropolitanate'''): an ancient diocese (especially in Byzantine areas) or set of dioceses with a [[metropolitan]] as the ruling bishop or primate. A metropolis may have constituent dioceses.
* '''Archdiocese''': a large or important diocese or set of dioceses whose primate or ruling bishop is an [[archbishop]]. An archdiocese may have constituent dioceses.
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