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History of Antiochian Orthodoxy in Australasia

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Church of St George, Sydney
On 18 June 1964, Fr Nicolas Mansour arrived in Sydney from Beirut Lebanon, and commenced duties as parish priest with liturgy on Sunday 21 June 1964. Soon after his arrival, the church was consecrated by Bp Dionysios (GOA), and in 1967 the church hall and presbytery were completed. However, the spread of Antiochian faithful all over New South Wales was too much for one parish priest.
At the request of Fr Nicolas, the Church of Antioch sent Archimandrite Gibran to Australia to find out how to solve the problem. On Archim. Gibran's recommendations, the Holy Synod elevated the Exarchate of Australia and New Zealand to a diocese. Archim. Gibran was consecrated a bishop and appointed [[Patriarchal Vicar ]] of the new diocese.
===Church of St Nicholas, Melbourne===

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