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[[Image:Edward the MartyrImage:Lindisfarne_Cemetery.jpg.jpg|100px|left]]The holy and right-believing '''[[Edward the Martyr|King Edward the Martyr]]Lindisfarne''', also called '''Holy Island''' (c. 962 &ndash; [[March 18]]variant spelling, 978/979''Lindesfarne'') succeeded his father Edgar of England as King of England in 975, but was murdered after is a reign tidal island off the northeast coast of only a few years. As the murder was attributed to "irreligious" opponents, whereas Edward himself was considered a good ChristianEngland, he was [[glorification|glorified]] as ''[[Saint]] Edward the [[Martyr]]'' in 1001; he may also be considered a [[passion-bearer]]. His [[feast day]] which is celebrated on [[March 18]], connected to the uncovering mainland of his [[relics]] is commemorated on [[February 13]]Northumberland by a causeway, and is cut off twice a day by tides. In the elevation 2001 census it had a usual population of his relics on [[June 20]]162.
The [[monastery]] of '''Lindisfarne''' was founded by St. [[Aidan of Lindisfarne]], who had been sent from [[Iona]], off the west coast of Scotland to Northumbria at the request of King St. [[Oswald of Northumbria]] around 635 A.D. It became the base for Christian evangelism in the North of England, and also sent a successful mission to Mercia. Monks from the community of [[Iona]] settled on the island.
Recently Lindisfarne has become the centre for the revival of so-called "Celtic Christianity" in the North of England; the minister of the church there is a well-known author of Celtic Christian books and prayers. Following from this Lindisfarne has become a popular retreat center, as well as holiday destination.  '''''Recently featured:''''' [[Edward the Martyr]], [[Victor Pokrovsky]], [[Akathist]], [[Apostles]], [[Irene Chrysovalantou]], [[Paschal greeting]], [[Holy Week]]. ''Newly [[:Category:Featured Articles|featured articles]] are presented every '''Friday'''.''
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