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=Education and Prospectives=
Upon leaving the den of postmodernism which is UT, I plan on becoming a seminarian (hopefully at [[St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary (Crestwood, NYNew York)|St. Vladimir's]], God willing). Hopefully I will find time in between my studies to marry my girlfriend [[User:Gabriela|Gabriela]] (a.k.a. Jessica), who is also a contributor to Orthodox Wiki.
=My Interests=
I have a fondness for [[:Category:Liturgics|liturgical theology]], which would explain my beef with current innovations in Western liturgics (particularly the Novus Ordo Missae). I am also keenly interested in patristics, [[:Category:Angels|angelology]], pre-schismatic Anglo-Saxon and French saints, and [[:Category:Church history|ecclesiastical history]] as well as Byzantine history in general are passions of mine. Aside from trudging through Latin and Greek (often with much pain on my person), I have a sick fascination with cultology, and from that stems my interest in apologetics.
I'm a nerd and cajun at heart. My parents' families have unique histories which are closely tied to the Texas Gulf Coast and Southern Louisiana. Beyond my pious interests, I am a trekkie, and I have a habit of rubbing it off on my girlfriend (slowly she is learning to tell the difference between a Cardassian and a Klingon).
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