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History of Antiochian Orthodoxy in Australasia

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Church of St Michael, Dunedin
More money was required to pay for furniture, so the Lebanese produced material for a bazaar, held in the St Kilda Town Hall in 1911 and opened by the Mayor of Dunedin. Yielding several hundred pounds, St Michael's Antiochian Orthodox Church opened debt free.
Hmk [[Nicholas (Manovitch)]] had arrived in New Zealand in 1910, and celebrated services. A site had been acquired in Fingall St, South Dunedin by September 1910. On [[January 14]], 1911, St Michael's Orthodox Church was opened, having been consecrated by Archim. Nicholas (Manovitch). Services were held regularly until 1913 when Fr Nicholas moved to Sydney.
During times that there was no Orthodox priest, which were always visiting until 1971, the church was closed. In 1916, Fr [[Nicholas Shehadie]] spent 2-3 months in Dunedin, holding Orthodox services. In 1937, Archim. [[Antonious (Mobayed)]] stayed in Dunedin for several months, during which time it was arranged that, having instructed them in the rudiments of Eastern Orthodox Liturgics, Canon A.P. Pywell, and then the Vicar of Holy Cross Anglican Church in St Kilda, would look after the congregation as an interim measure. Archim. Antonious visited Dunedin for the last time in 1939. The care of St Michael's became an accepted responsibility of the Vicars of Holy Cross, St. Kilda.
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