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Milutin (Knezevic) of Valjevo

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{{orthodoxyinaustralasiasmallorthodoxyinaustralasia}}Bishop His Grace the Right Reverend '''Milutin (Knežević) of Australia and New ZealandValjevo''' (b. is a [[January 10bishop]], 1949) was enthroned on [[December 30]], 2003, by of the former Bishop of Australia and New Zealand, [[Nikanor (Bogunovic) Church of Banat|Nikanor (Bogunovic)]], at [[Monastery of New Kalenic (Canberra, Australia)|St Sava's MonasterySerbia]] in Canberra.
His Grace Born in Mijaca, near Valjevo, on [[January 10]], 1949, the future bishop grew up in an Orthodox family. At 14 years of age, in 1963, he went to the Monastery of Kaona. He started attending the monastic secondary school in the [[Ostrog Monastery]] in 1967, and afterwards he returned to Kaona Monastery where he becomes its head and [[priest]]. After undertaking some exams, he enrolled in the Faculty of Theology in Belgrade, afterwards continuing his studies in America, graduating there. For six months he was the secretary of the Diocese of Canada, and for six months he was the [[parish]] priest in Niagara. After this service in North America, Bishop Lavrentije appointed Fr. Milutin hierarchal appointee of the Sava/Tamnava region; and in the beginning of 2003, [[Archimandrite]] Milutin was appointed hierarchal deputy of Sava/Tamnava. <!-- nb. trying to rationalise previous edits-->During this time, he was [[abbot]] of the Kaona Monastery in Serbia before being elected .<!-- end rationalisation --> In mid-2003, he was appointed Bishop of Australia and New Zealand , being consecrated on [[July 20]], 2003, by Patriarch [[Pavle (Stojcevic) of Serbia|Pavle]], with Metropolitans Nikolaj of Dabro and Bosnia, Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Holy Assembly Littoral, Longin of New Gracanica; Bishops Lavrentije of Sabac and Valjevo, Irenej of Nis, Irenej of Backa, [[Georgije (Djokic) of the Canada|Georgije of Canada]] and Dositej of Scandanavia and Britain. He was enthroned on [[December 30]], 2003, by his predecessor in Australia and New Zealand, [[Nikanor (Bogunovic) of Banat|Nikanor (Bogunovic)]], at [[Church Monastery of SerbiaNew Kalenic (Canberra, Australia)|Serbian Orthodox ChurchSt Sava's Monastery]] in mid-2003Canberra.
In May 2006, Bp. Milutin took up the newly-created seat of Bishop of Valjevo.
 {{AusEpisStub}}Bishop Milutin is also known as a writer and [[theologian]], with theoretical articles being published in major theological magazines.
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