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Talk:Nicholas (Velimirović) of Žiča

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Anyway, what is with the mention of him being accused of supporting the holocaust? That is an awful accusation to mention. Is there any foundation to this claim? Or can the comment be removed? [[User:Andreas|Andreas]]
: Even though it is most likely false, it is worth mentioning because it's a common accusation. Encyclopedic articles deal with what's notable about their subject, both good and bad. &mdash;[[User:ASDamick|<font color="blue"><b><i>Dcn. Andrew</i></b></font>]] <sup>[[User_talk:ASDamick|<font color="red">talk</font>]]</sup> <sup>[[Special:Randompage|<font color="blue">random</font>]]</sup> <sup>[[Special:Contributions/ASDamick|<font color="black">contribs</font>]]</sup> 19:18, May 24, 2006 (CDT)
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