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Lenten Triodion

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The '''Lenten Triodion''' is the period service book of three the Orthodox Church that provides the texts for the divine services for the pre-Lenten weeks preceding of preparation, [[Great Lent]], and [[Holy Week]]. There are three ''The Lenten Triodion'' is the title of a classic and popular English book translated with an extensive and helpful introduction by [[SundayKallistos (Ware) of Diokleia|Metropolitan Kallistos]]s involved, with appropriate readings from and Mother Mary; it provides many (but not all) of the texts necessary to observe the great fast. In Greek and Slavonic it is simply called the ''triodion''. It is called the ''triodion'' because the canons appointed for [[GospelsMatins]]:during this period are composed of three odes each.
:1. Sunday The weeks of preparation, and especially the Sunday [[Publican and Phariseegospel]] ([[Gospel of Luke|Luke]] 18:9-14)readings, serve to exercise the mind,:2. Sunday whereas the fasting of Great Lent focuses on the [[Prodigal Son]] ([[Gospel of Luke|Luke]] 15:11-32)body, and:3. Sunday of Holy Week's services exercise the [[Last Judgment]] (also called [[Meatfare Sunday]]; [[Gospel of Matthew|Matt]] 25:31-46)spirit.
During the first week of the Triodion, there is no [[fasting]]. During the second week, fasting is as usual (Wednesday and Friday). In the week following Meatfare Sunday, no meat is eaten. The Sunday following Meatfare Sunday is [[Cheesefare Sunday]] (also known as [[Forgiveness Sunday]]; during the week following, dairy is removed from the diet, initiating the strict fasting of Great Lent.
== Weeks of preparation == The Triodionthree weeks that commence on the fourth [[Sunday]] prior to [[Great Lent]] constitute the weeks of preparation. Each has its own distinct theme which is expressed in the [[Gospels]] readings appointed for the Divine Liturgies on these days: :1. [[Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee]] ([[Gospel of Luke|Luke]] 18:9-14),:2. [[Sunday of the Prodigal Son]] ([[Gospel of Luke|Luke]] 15:11-32), and especially :3. [[Sunday of the Last Judgment]] (also called [[Meatfare Sunday]]; [[Gospel of Matthew|Matt]] 25:31-46).:4. Sunday of [[gospelForgiveness Sunday|Forgiveness]] readings(also called [[Cheesefare Sunday]]; the expulsion of [[Adam]] from Eden is also a theme of this day); [[Gospel of Matthew|Matt]] 6:14-21. The Church eases us into the Lenten [[fasting]] discipline during this period. The week following the Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee is fast-free. The week following the Prodigal Son is a normal week -- we fast as usual on Wednesday and Friday. In the week following Meatfare Sunday, no meat is eaten; eggs, fish, serves and dairy are permitted on any day.  Forgiveness Sunday brings the period of preparation to exercise an end. The next day, [[Clean Monday]], begins Great Lent. The [[Vespers]] service served on the evening of Forgiveness Sunday includes the mind, whereas Rite of Mutual Forgiveness and is the fasting first service of Great Lent focuses . == Great Lent ==Great Lent begins on the bodyMonday following [[Forgiveness Sunday]] (also called [[Cheesefare Sunday]]) with each Sunday highlighted as follows:  :1. [[Sunday of Orthodoxy]] ([[Gospel of John|John]] 1:43-51), :2. [[Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas]],:3. [[Sunday of the Holy Cross]],:4. [[Sunday of St. John Climacus]], and :5. [[Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt]]. == Holy Week's services exercise ==Great Lent is followed by [[Holy Week]], the spiritweek beginning with [[Palm Sunday]] and preceding Pascha.
*[[February 20]], 2005 (Sunday of the [[Publican and Pharisee]]) [[sermon]] by Fr. Costin Popescu at St. [[Basil the Great|Vasilios]] [[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America|Greek Orthodox Church]] in Peabody, MA*[ Online Lenten Triodion] from the Community of the Holy Myrrhbearers*[ The Lenten Triodion], tr. Bishop [[Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia|Kallistos]] and Mother Mary

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