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The State Government leased a block of land to the Church on the corner of Walker and Redfern Streets Redfern. The first Antiochian Orthodox church was built there and placed under the patronage of Saint George.
In 1934, Exarch Nicholas Shehadie, suffering from chronic asthma, reposed in his early 70s. Then his second son, [[Michael Shehadie|Michael]], became a priest. During the time of his presbyterate at the Church of Saint George, the government lease expired. Fr Michael worked with the government to find a new site and, in 1950, they were granted land at the corner of Walker and Cooper Sts, Redfern, where the church - now cathedral - stands today. However, Fr Michael never saw it built. In 1951, aged 56, he reposed. In 1953, V. Rev. [[Malatius Hussney (Sydney)|Malatius Hussney]] took over the rectorship of St George. During his time as rector, the foundation stone was laid, with the first services being done 1954. He was succeeded by Archim. Anthony Woolf, who was rector 1957-61.
In 1953, V Rev [[Malatius Hussney (Sydney)|Malatius Hussney]] was appointed Patriarchal Exarch and rector of St George. During his time as rector, the foundation stone for the new church was laid, with the first services in 1954. He was succeeded by Archim. [[Anthony Woolf]], who was Patriarchal Exarch and rector 1957-61. Following the death in Cairo of Archim. Anthony, Rev Fr Anthony Chidiac was appointed to serve the parish of St George in Redfern. He died in a motor vehicle accident on 19 October 1962.  In January 1963 a visiting priest from Kousba, Lebanon, V Rev Exarch Emilianos Shehadie served the parish until 17 July 1963.  On 22 September 1963 by kind permission of Greek Archbishop Ezekiel, Rev Fr John Catsaras, formerly of Sfax in Tunisia temporarily served the parish.  The willing assistance of the Greek Orthodox hierarchs since their arrival in Australia in 1924 was notable, and was especially so with Archbishop Ezekiel. On 18 June 1964, Fr Nicolas Mansour took up arrived in Sydney from Beirut Lebanon, and commenced duties at the churchas parish priest with liturgy on Sunday 21 June 1964. Soon after his arrival, the church was consecrated by Bp Dionysios (GOA), and in 1967 the church hall and presbytery were completed. However, the spread of Antiochian faithful all over New South Wales was too much for one parish priest. On  At the request of Fr Nicolas, the Church of Antioch sent Archimandrite Gibran to Australia to find out how to solve the problem; on . On Archim. Gibran's recommendations, the Holy Synod elevated the Exarchate of Australia and New Zealand was elevated to a diocese, and . Archim. Gibran to Bishop was consecrated a bishop and appointed Patriarchal Vicar of this the new diocese.

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