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Parishes in Australia (OCA)

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Other information
==Other information==
Originally, three parishes were formed out of this split in ROCOR: the above two, and a thirdthe first, St Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church, Bankstown, New South Wales, led by [[Archimandrite]] Veniamin. However Following the repose of Archm. Veniamin, this church has since moved OCA was unable to appoint a replacement priest.  Bp Gibran of the [[Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand]]was approached by the parish council and asked if he could assist. He was able to supply a Slavonic usage priest, while continuing [[Fr Mitko Machevski]]. The parish later formally changed jurisdiction to the [[Church of Antioch]]. Fr Mitko Machevski was then formally appointed parish priest. The parish continues its use of Church Slavonic in the Liturgy and continues to follow the Julian (Old) Calendar.  In 2004, at the instigation of Met Abp Paul, the parish purchased the land its church is built on from the NSW government. The property is held in trust for the parish by the Antiochian Orthodox Church Property Trust.

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