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== History ==
Prior to 1992, the Serbian Orthodox in Australia and New Zealand were under two seperate dioceses: the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Australia and New Zealand, which was within the [[Church of Serbia]] and presided over by a bishop resident at [[Monastery of New Kalenic (Canberra, Australian Capital Territory)|St. Sava's Monastery (New Kalenic)]], Canberra, ACT; and the much larger Free Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Australia and New Zealand, administered firstly by a Metropolitan who resided at New Gracanica Monastery, Illinois, USA, and then by a local bishop who resided at [[Monastery of St. Sava (Elaine, Victoria)|St. Sava's Monastery]], Elaine, Victoria.
In 1992, a reconciliation between the [[Church of Serbia]] and the New Gracanica Metropolitanate meant that there were now two directly overlapping dioceses in Australia and New Zealand, which was were administered by two bishops , one each in Elaine and Canberra. In 2000, Bishop [[Nikanor (Bogunovic) of Banat|Nicanor]] became the first sole bishop in Australia and New Zealand, being the appointed reigning bishop of one diocese<!--which one?--> the New Gracanica Diocese and the also administrator of the otherpatriarchal diocese. This arrangement was continued in In 2003 under Bishop Milutin, was appointed bishop of the New Gracanica diocese and administrator of the present bishopmuch smaller patriarchal diocese.
<!--first [[priest]] to serve...around 19xx.

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