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Diocese of Batumi and Skhalta

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The '''Diocese of Batumi and Skhalta''' is a [[diocese]] of the [[Church of Georgia]]. This diocese is situated within the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Adjaria and includes the districts of Batumi, Kobuleti, Shuakhevi, Khulo and Keda. The [[primate]] of the diocese is His Eminence Dimitri, Archbishop of Batumi and Skhalta.
This [[eparchy ]] includes the ancient Georgian region of Adjaria.
According to Georgian chronicles , the [[Apostle Andrew|St Andrew the First-called]] entered Georgia through Adjaria. First churches The first [[church]]es were erected here in villages near the Black Sea. Adjaria had its own [[hierarch ]] even in IV at the fourth century, under the reign of King Mirdat III. Later, at during the reign of [[King VakhtangI Gorgasali of Iberia|St . King Vakhtang Gorgasali]] (mem. remembered [[November 30]]), the diocese of Skhalta (ie i.e. Adjaria) was united into the diocese of Akhizi.
[[Image:Skhalta.jpg|thumb|right|Skhalta Cathedral]]
In XVII c. the seventeenth century the [[Ottoman empire|Ottoman Empire ]] invaded Adjaria and cutted cut it off from Georgia. During 300 For three hundred years Adjaria was under Islamic rule. Many Georgians were martyred [[martyr]]ed by the Turks (; the Church comemorates them at [[Pentecost]] Day with under the name “Georgian "Georgian priests and laymen, martyred by the Turks." After the Russian-Turkish War of 1877-1878, Adjaria was returned to Georgia. At that time nearly no Adjarians were Christians. But eventually Christianity began to revive, especially during the 1990s. By now, most Adjarians are Christians, though Islam is also practiced in the region. The diocese was restored in 1917 and was called the diocese of Batumi and [[Diocese of Shemokmedi|Shemokmedi]]. In 1995 this diocese was divided, and the new diocese of Batumi and Skhalta was formed.  ==External link==*[ Official web-site of the Batumi and Skhalta Eparchy]  [[Category:Dioceses|Batumi and Skhalta]][[Category:Georgian Dioceses|Batumi and Skhalta]]

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