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Apostles => Akathist
<!---[[Image:none.gif|100px|]] --->
<!--note - the image is usually nb. portrait images at ~100px, landscape images at ~200px-->[[Image:Calling_ApostlesAkathist Hymn to the Theotokos icon.jpg|200px100px|left]]An '''[[Apostles|Apostleakathist]]''' (Greek, ''akathistos'') is a [[hymn]] dedicated to a [[saint]], [[Great Feasts|holy event]], or one who of the persons of the [[Holy Trinity]]. The word ''akathist'' itself means "not sitting." The akathist ''par excellence'' is sent out by our Lord Jesus Christ that written in the 6th century to the [[Theotokos]]. In its use as part of the Salutations to spread the gospel that he is Theotokos service (used in the MessiahByzantine tradition during [[Great Lent]]), that he it is risenoften known by its Greek or Arabic names, ''Chairetismoi'' and that we are being saved as a result''Madayeh'', respectively.
The word apostle comes from writing of akathists (occasionally spelled ''acathist'') continues today as part of the Greek αποστολοςgeneral composition of an akolouthia, literally meaning "one who is sent out." Originally a military term referring to a sortie sent out against especially in the enemySlavic tradition, apostle has in although not all are widely known nor translated beyond the Christian context come to refer to a missionary spreading the gospel of Jesus Christoriginal language.
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