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Holy Orthodox Church in North America

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[[Archimandrite]] [[Panteleimon (Metropoulos)]], the leader of HOCNA, had grown up in the [[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America]]. During his time in the Greek Archdiocese, he attracted many [approximately how many?] to the monastic life, founding [[Holy Transfiguration Monastery (Brookline, Massachusetts)|Holy Transfiguration Monastery]] and with a Holy Trinity Convent. A number [how many?] of [[parish]]es also formed under his influence. He had been [[tonsure]]d as a monastic on [[Mount Athos]] where he was advised [by whom?], because of the allegedly increasing [[modernism]] and [[ecumenism]] of Archbishop [[Iakovos (Coucouzis) of America]], the [[primate]] of the Greek Archdiocese, to break from that jurisdiction and join himself and his followers to the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]]. And so in the mid-1960s, Panteleimon [and those who followed him] joined ROCOR.
===Break with ROCOR===
In January 1986, four former members of Holy Transfiguration Monastery came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against the monastery's superior, Fr Panteleimon. In response to these allegations, the synod of bishops of the [[ROCOR]] set up a commission to investigate HTM; the commission consisted of Archbishop [[Anthony (Sinkevich) of Los Angeles]] and Bishop [[Alypy (Gamanovich) of Chicago and Detroit]].
The commission presented its findings to the next meeting of the Synod, held in Mansonville, Canada. Six accusers presented testimony to the Synod. Fr Ephraim, Dean of the New England Deanery, spoke in defense of Fr Panteleimon. Fr Panteleimon was questioned, denied the allegations, but agreed to be relieved of his duties as superior. On May 16/29, 1986, the Synod suspended Panteleimon and appointed Fr Isaac as temporary administrator. In a subsequent meeting of the Synod, on November 12/25, 1986, the Synod suspended both Panteleimon and Isaac, and ordered a commission to investigate allegations against Isaac. Fr Justin was appointed as administrator.
In December 1986, despite the decisions of the Synod, the Holy Transfiguration Monastery elected Isaac as its superior. Then, on [[December 12]], 1986, the monastery notified Metropolitan [[Vitaly (Ustinov) of New York]] that it was leaving ROCOR because of modernism and ecumenism.
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