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Evangelicus of Tomis

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The holy, glorious right-victorious Hieromartyr '''Evangelicus of Tomis''' is the first known [[bishop]] of Tomis , a Greek city in Scythia Minor, a region evangelised in the first century by the [[Apostle Andrew]]. Tomis is now known as Constanţa, the largest city on the Black Sea coast of Dobrogea, Romania.
St. Evangelicus was bishop of Tomis from about 290 to 300 and was reknowned for [[convert]]ing many still pagan Dacians and Scythians to the Christian faith. He was mentioned in the ''Act of Martyrdom'' of Sts. [[Epictetus the Priest]] and [[Astion the Monk]] , both [[martyr]]ed on [[July 8]] in Halmyris (modern Dunavăţ). St. Astion's parents were converted by the Priest Bonosus and baptised by Bishop Evangelicus in Halmyris fourteen days after their son's martyrdom.
St. Evangelicus is believed to have been martyred during the persecution of [[Diocletian]]. His feast day is [[July 7]].

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