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Christopher (Pulec) of Prague

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[[Image:Christopher of Prague.jpg|right|thumb|165px|Archbishop Christopher (Pulets) of Prague and the Czech Lands]]His Eminence Beatitude Metropolitan '''Christopher (Pulets) of Prague and the Czech Landsand Slovakia''' is was the [[primate-elect ]] of the [[Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia]]. He has participated in numerous theological conferences and has represented the Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia in many venues. Fluent in his native language and also Russian, Greek, German and English, he is well known for his academic pursuits in theology and philosophy, having a doctorate in both.
==Biographical timeline==
*1953: Radim Pulets born in Prague.
*1974: [[ordination|Ordained ]] to the [[deacon|diaconate]] and [[priest]]hood.*1979: Completed theological studies at the Orthodox Theological Faculty, Presov, Czechoslovakia. Went to [[Seminary|Moscow Theological Academy]].
*1984: Completed graduate studies at Moscow Theological Academy.
*1987: Completed additional theological studies at the Theological Faculty of the University of Athens, Greece.
*1985: Fr Radim was tonsured [[tonsure]]d at Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra in Sergiev-Posad (then Zagorsk), Russia, and given the name Krystof (''Christopher)''.*1987: His Beatitude Metropolitan [[Dorotheus (Filipp) of Prague|Dorotheus]], [[primate ]] of the Church of Czechoslovakia, elevated Hmk Christopher to [[archimandrite]]. Archim. Christopher served at Prague's Cathedral of Sts. Cyril and Methodius.*1988: Archim. Christopher was [[Consecration of a bishop|consecrated ]] to the episcopacy, over which Metr. Dorotheus presided, and was elected Bishop of Olomouc and Brno.*2000: At repose of Metr. Dorotheus, Bp. Christopher was named ''Archbishop of Prague and the Czech Lands'', and oversaw the Church's Metropolitan Council.
*2006 [[May 2]]: After repose of Metr. Nikolaj, Abp. Christopher was chosen (by lot of two names) to be Metropolitan of the Czech Lands and Slovakia.
*2006 [[May 28]]: Enthronement of AbpMetr. Christopher to take place.*2013 [[April 12]]: Resigned, in the face of multiple accusations of breaching his monastic vows. He denied the accusations, but resigned in aid of preserving the unity of the Church.
==SourcesExternal links==
*[ OCA press release], May 2, 2006.
*[ Orthodox Church of Czech Lands and Slovakia elects a new primate]*[ article] (in Russian)*[ Listing] at the Orthodox Research Institute
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