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[[Image:Rublex Rublev Trinity.jpg|100px|The Holy Trinity]]</div>[[Apostle Onesimus]] of the Seventy; Venerable [[synaxis]] of [[Saint]] [[John the Theologian]] at Diaconissa; Saint Eusebius the [[Righteous]], [[hermit]] of Syria; Saint Paphnutius, [[monk]], and his daughter Saint Euphrosyne, [[nun]], of Alexandria; [[Martyr ]] Major of Gaza; Venerable Dalmatos Saint Paphnutius, [[recluse]] of the [[Kiev Caves]]; Saint Dalmatus, [[abbot]] and founder of the [[Dormition]] [[Monastery]] in Siberia; [[Righteous]] Anthimus the Elder of Chios; [[Hieromartyr]] Sigfried, [[Bishop]] of Vaxjo and [[Apostle]] of Sweden, and with him Unaman the [[Presbyter]], Sunaman the [[Deacon]], and Vinaman the [[Subdeacon]]. '''Other events:''' repose of Mother Kypriane of the Holy Angels [[Convent]]<noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|February 15]]</noinclude>

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