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<div style="float:right;margin-left:1em">
[[Image:Elevation.jpg|100px|Elevation of the Holy Cross]]
</div>[[Apodosis]] of the [[Exaltation of the Cross]]; [[Apostle Quadratus]] of the Seventy; Prophet [[ProphetJonah]] Jonah; [[Hieromartyr]] Hypatius, [[Bishop]] of Ephesus, and [[Presbyter]] Andrew (see also [[September 20]]); [[Martyr]] Eusebius of Phoenicia; Martyr Priscus of Phrygia; Martyrs Eusebius, Nestabus, and Zeno of Gaza; [[Saint]]s Isaac and Meletius, Bishops of Cyprus; Saint Joseph of Zaonikiev [[Monastery]] (Vologda); Saint Daniel, [[Abbot]] of Shuzhgorsk (Novgorod); Saint Jonah the Sabbaite; 26 martyrs of [[Zographou Monastery (Athos)|Zographou]] on [[Mount Athos]]: [[Igumen]] Thomas, the monks Barsanuphius, Cyril, Micah, Simon, Hilarion, James, Job, Cyprian, Sava, James, Martinian, Cosmas, Sergius, Menas, Joasaph, Joannicius, Paul, Anthony, Euthymius, Dometian, Parthenius, and four laymen who died with them; six martyrs, aides-de-camp of Maximian; opening of the [[relics]] of Saint Demetrius, [[Metropolitan]] of Rostov

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