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Ambrose of Milan

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Our father among the [[saint]]s '''Ambrose of Milan''' came to be [[bishop]] of Milan as the only competent candidate to succeed Auxentius, a bishop of [[Arianism|Arian]] persuasion, in 374. A [[catechumen]] and trained as a lawyer, he learned his [[theology]] through intense study of subject as he was successively [[baptism|baptized]] and then [[Consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] as Bishop of Milan. He held to the [[First Council of Nicaea|Nicene]] belief and through the eloquence of his arguments he persuaded Emperor Gratian to the [[Nicene Creed|Nicene confession]]. Later, he persuaded Gratian to convene a local council, in 381, at Aquileia that deposed the Arian bishops Palladius and Secundianus from their episcopal offices and thus strengthened the Orthodox position in the West. Ambrose zealously combatted imperial court attempts at favoritism to the parties of Arians, the "old" religion, and the [[Judaism|Jews]], particularly opposing the favors from Emperor Valentinian who supported the Arians. In defending the Orthodox position he has often been compared to St. [[Hilary of Poitiers]]. He was known for his [[sermon]]s which greatly influenced the [[conversion]] of [[Augustine of Hippo]]. His [[feast day]] is celebrated on [[December 7]].

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