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Divine Liturgy according to St. Germanus of Paris

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Structure of the ordinary
*''Prælegendum'' (entrance psalm)
*Call for silence and greeting
*[[Trisagion ]] in Greek, Latin, and the vernacular)
*''Kyrie'' (single)
*Hymn (of the season or the day)
*Second Reading (Epistle, Book of Acts, or the Apocalypse)
*''Benedicite'' (Song of the Three Young Men)
*[[Alleluia ]] (or Tract in Lent)
*Thrice-Holy before the Gospel
*Collect after the Preces
*Dismissal of the catechumens
*The Symbol of Faith ([[Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed|Creed]])
*Preface to the Faithful
*Great Entrance with ''Sonus'' and ''Laudes''
*Diptychs and Collect after the Names
*Kiss of Peace and Collect
*Anaphora: Dialogue, variable ''Immolatio'', ''Sanctus'', variable ''Post-Sanctus'', institution narrative, anamnesis, [[epiclesis]], variable Post-Epiclesis, blessing of the elements, final doxology
*Breaking of the Bread and fraction anthem
*Lord's Prayer
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