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*2005 Feb: [[School of Byzantine Music (SAGOTC)|School of Byzantine Music]] established under the auspices of St. Andrew's Greek Orthodox Theological College.
::May: St Andrew's Orthodox Press employs Publishing Director.
*20062005: Missiology minor no longer available.
*Archbishop [[Stylianos (Harkianakis) List of Australia]], BD, DD, ThD HC. 1986-present.**Dean Faculty of St Andrew's, 1986-Present, Full-time lecturer in Systematic Theology.*Bishop [[Seraphim (Ginis) of Apollonias|Seraphim (Ginis)]], BD (Hons). 1991-present.**Sub-Dean of St Andrew's (1995-present), Full-time lecturer in Liturgical Studies and [[Canon LawGreek Orthodox Theological College]].*Philip Kariatlis, BA, BTh, MTh.**Former Registrar, 1995-1999.**Academic secretary**Full-time associate lecturer in Systematic Theology, 2000-present.*Dcn Sophronios Konidaris, BTh. 2005-present.**Chaplain*Anastasios Kalogerakis, BBus, BTh. 2000-present.**Registrar*James Athanasou, LittB, MA, PhD, DipEd, MAPS.**Editor Contains a complete list of Phronema, 1995-present.**Sessional lecturer in Christian Education, 1999-present.*Rev. Dr. Doru Costache, BA, PhD. 2005-present.**Sessional lecturer in [[Church Fathers|Patristic]] Studies.*Guy Freeland, BA (Hons), PhD, CertHist&PhilSci.**Sessional lecturer in Liturgical Studies (Church Symbolism and [[Iconography]]) and [[Hermeneutics]], 1986-present*Rev. Alan Galtthose who have taught, MA. 1990-2001; 2003-present.**Part-time lecturer in Pastoral Theology past and Practise*Rachael Goth, BA (Hons), MTh. 2001-2003; 2005-present.**Sessional lecturer in [[New Testament]] Greek*Dimitri Kepreotes, BA, BTh, MThat St.**Former Registrar, 1992-1994.**Part-time associate lecturer in Modern Greek and Christian Education (2001-present).*Gerasimos Koutsouras, BA, MA, MTh.**Lecturer in Church History, Byzantine Music (2003, 2005-present) and Modern Greek (2005-present).*John Lee, BA (Hons), PhD. 1986-present.**Sessional lecturer in Advanced New Testament Greek.*Rev. John McSweeney, STB, SSL. 1999-present.**Sessional lecturer in New Testament Studies.*Ken Parry, BA (Hons), PhD. 2002-present.**Sessional lecturer in Church History (Early)*Very Rev. Steven Scoutas, BD (Hons). 1995-present.**Sessional lecturer in Pastoral Theology and Practise (Priestly Formation)*Rev. Constantine Varipatis, BComm, BTh, MTh (Hons). 2004-present.**Lectures in Pastoral Theology and Practise*Rev. Dr. Raymond Williamson. 1992-2002; 2005-present.*Chris Harvey, AssocDipLibPract. 1997-present.**Librarian ===Former Faculty===*Fr. [[Themistocles (Adamopoulo)]] ([[Monk]]). Lecturer in Biblical Studies, Early Church History and Biblical Hebrew, 1986-1999.*Mr Vasilios Adrahtas. Lecturer in Patristics and Missiology, 2002-2004.*Mr Stavros Agoroudis. Librarian, 1995-1996.*Mrs Julie Anthony. Lecturer in Modern Greek, 1986-1992.*The late Mr Antonios Aristodemou. Instructor in Byzantine Music, 1986-2000.*Mr Francis Charleton. Librarian, 1987-1989.*Rev. Fr. Anastasios Bozikis. Lecturer in Patristics, 1997-2001.*Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis. Sub-Dean, Lecturer in Church History and Patristics, 1986-1995.*V. Rev. Miltiades Chryssavgis. Lecturer in Liturgics, Byzantine Music and Pastoral Theology, 1986-1995.*Miss Crystal Condous. Honorary Librarian, 1986.*Rev. Paul Connors. Registrar and Lecturer in Church History, 1988-1990.*Prof. Dimitri Conomos. Visiting Professor of Byzantine Music, 1986-1987.*Dr Chris Forbes. Lecturer in Early Church History, 1999.*Archimandrite [[Joseph (Harkiolakis) of New Zealand|Joseph (Harkiolakis)]]. Lecturer in Modern Greek and Liturgics, 1987-1990.*Rev. Clement Hill. Lecturer in Homiletics, 1996-2000.*Miss Anne Hocking. Librarian, 1989-1995.*Prof Vasilios Istavridis. Visiting Professor of Church History, 1992.*Dr Alexandros Kariotoglou. Lecturer in Patristics, Missiology and Hermeneutics, 2002-2004.*Dr Vivenne Keely. Lecturer in Early Church History, 2000-2001.*Prof. Markos Orphanos. Visiting Professor of Patristics, 1995-2002.*Dr Vrasidas Karalis. Lecturer in Church History, 1995-2003.*The late Archimandrite Leonidas. Lecturer in Canon Law, 1986-1992.*Mr Francis Livesey. Registrar and Lecturer in Church History, 1987.*Miss Niki Papadopoulos. Lecturer in Modern Greek, 1993-1994.*Rev. Dr. Geoffrey Peterson. Lecturer in Pastoral Theology, 1987-1989.*V. Rev. Dr. Gabriel Popescu. Lecturer in Pastoral Theology, 1986-2001.*Mr Basilios Psilacos. Instructor in Byzantine Music, 2001-2002.*Dr Harry Simmons. Lecturer in Church History and Orthodox Spirituality, 1986-1987.*V. Rev. George Vassiliadis. Lecturer in Canon Law, Patristics and Modern Greek, 1993-2005.*Mr Jacob Yiacoumi. Lecturer in Systematic Theology and Patristics, 1996.*Mr Asterios Zouriakas. Instructor in Byzantine Music, 2004Andrew's.
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