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Theodosius (Putilin) of Sydney

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His Eminence the Most Reverend Archbishop [[Theodosius (Putilin) of Sydney| '''Theodosius (Putilin)''']] was Archbishop of Sydney, Australia and New Zealand of the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia]] from 1970 to 1980.  ==TimelineLife==*1897: Born to The future Archbishop Theodosius was born into a family of a [[priest.*]] and received his religious education in pre-1917: Educated in religious schoolsBolshevik Russia.*post-1917: Wanted to be priestHowever, he did not enter the [[clergy]] as the bishop to whom he applied for ordination refused on grounds that at the time, saying, "If it pleases the Lord would to call you to His service, He will call you at a more the appropriate time.But do not ignore His call." *c. 1945: Ordained His calling to diaconate and the priesthood came when he was living in Germanyafter World War II. Student After preparation under the tutelage of [[Protopriest ]] [[Andrew (Rymarenko) of Rockland|Adrian Rymarenko]] and [[Archimandrite]] [[Dimitri (Biakay)]], he was [[ordination|ordained]] to the [[diaconate]] and then to the priesthood.*Emigrating to Australia in 1951: Moved , Fr. Theodosius was assigned to Perth, Western Australiato serve the Church in the city of Perth with zeal and love for many years. The community of the [[parish]] came to endear him as it grew into the magnificent Church of SS Peter and Paul that they built.*In 1969: Consecrated , Bp. Theodosius, with a sense of unworthiness, was [[consecration of a bishop, assigned as |consecrated]] a [[vicar-]] [[bishop of ]] and was assigned to serve in Melbourne, Australia.*On [[November 25]], 1970 Nov 25: Appointed , Bp. Theodosius was elevate to be the ruling bishop of the [[Diocese]] of Sydney, Australia and New Zealand. In 1971, he was elevated to [[archbishop]]. This assignment came during a period of ecclesiastical conflict in Sydney. With patience, love, and mainly wisdom, Abp. Theodosius set to resolving the conflicts. With God's help, Abp. Theodosius was able to bring his seemingly hopeless task to the desired result. By 1977, the parish and large Cathedral of Ss Peter and Paul in Sydney returned to ROCOR.*The effort made by Abp. Theodosius to settle the conflict caused a great deal of strain on his health. On [[August 13]], 1980 Aug 13: Repose , at the age of Bishop 83, Abp. Theodosiusreposed, having built, on the foundation of the work by Abps. Feodor and Savva, an Orthodox community that had a system of parish schools, a hospital for the chronically ill, a nursing home, the Russian Benevolent Society and other charitable organizations, and its own publishing arm which printed the diocesan journal. Bp. Bishop [[Paul (Pavlov) of Sydney|Paul (Pavlov) of Stuttgart]] conducted officiated at the funeralfor Abp. Theodosius, held at the Cathedral of Ss Peter and Paul in Sydney. His body was interred in the church cemetery of his first parish in Perth following wishes of the Abp. Theodosius and of his family.
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