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Andronik (Nikolsky) of Perm

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In 1897, he was assigned to the Russian Orthodox mission to Japan, under Bishop Nicholas (Kasatkin), later known as St. [[Nicholas of Japan]], to assist in the missionary work that he began in 1861. [[Hieromonk]] Andronik was very surprised by this assignment and felt inadequate for the position, but ultimately he accepted it as God's will. His journey began in St. Petersburg on [[September 21]], 1897, and then continued from Odessa with Archimandrite [[Sergius I (Stragorodsky) of Moscow|Sergius (Stragorodsky)]] on [[October 26]]. Traveling through European countries and the U.S.A. then on to Japan, they arrived in Japan on [[December 26]]. He wrote and published a book about this journey, ''A Missionary Journey to Japan'' (Kazan, 1899).
[[Image: Bishop_Adronik_Kyoto.jpg |thumb|Hieromartyr Andronik of Perm as Bishop of Kyoto (1907)]]

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